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Yoga Etiquette: Things to practice when you practice!

Ah, Yoga. The most zen of pursuits, but when one wishes to disconnect from the real world for 90 minutes, even the most minor distraction can derail the whole experience. So, how does one make the practice of yoga pleasant for one and all? Here are my top tips:

  • Try and give yourself 15 minutes before class starts. I always think it’s a little ironic to be rushing to yoga – an oxymoron if ever there was one!
  • If you’re running late, take a deep breath before you quietly slip in to the studio. Most yoga instructors will be happy to have you join the class, but be mindful that the other students will likely be concentrating on bringing their breath to an even and steady pace and will be easily distracted by your huffing and puffing!
  • yoga-etiquette2

  • Yoga is a solo pursuit. Respect others wanting to prepare quietly for their practice by keeping any conversation sotto voce if you must chat.
  • If you need to bring children with you, make sure boundaries are set! Call ahead to check your teacher is comfortable with their attendance. They should be outside the studio and persuaded to be as quiet as a mouse! Noise does travel and excitement about their latest Minecraft update will test the concentration of even the most advanced yogi! Don’t bring a sick child. That’s not fair on anyone.
  • Personal space! If you have to move about the room before class commences, be mindful not to step on to others’ mats, including your instructor’s. An appropriate amount of space between mats will avoid you side swiping someone as you launch into Warrior one!
  • Give yourself permission to disconnect. Turn your mobile to mute. Even in vibrate mode it is still a distraction. That coffee date or dreaded deadline can wait!
  • Remove anything noisy from your person! Earrings, bracelets, watches that talk – leave them all at the door!
  • yoga-etiquette3

  • Dress comfortably! Steer clear of hoodies or clothing that will irritate and distract you. No point wearing the latest Lululemon if it’s not going to move the way you do!
  • Be mindful in your mindfulness! As much as yoga is an inward pursuit, it’s important to be aware of those around you. Try and avoid too much grunting, puffing and self deprecating commentary during your practice – no matter how close you are to achieving full wheel pose!
  • Cleanliness is next to Buddha-liness! Ensure you and your yoga gear are freshly washed; strong fragrances contained in washing powder, shower gels and moisturising creams, not to mention the use of perfume, will be offensive to some people. Smells can be every bit as distracting as noises!
  • Help in the clean up. Remember to spray your mat whether it’s your own or not, and then help the instructor in putting the mats away neatly. Do the same if you have used a block or strap, or a blanket for shavasana. It doesn’t take long to do and helps your instructor no end.
  • Ommm! Now that you’re feeling relaxed and invigorated, make sure you move on to the practice of gratitude, ensuring the rest of your day is all about being kind and peaceful towards others, as well as yourself! Namaste!