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Overnight Guests

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the thought of entertaining guests for the weekend?

Do you wonder if the room in which your guests are staying will be warm enough for the chilly nights forecast?

Or perhaps you are undecided as to whether you should provide one or two pillows?

Familiar thoughts?

Well, take comfort from the fact that you are not alone, but if you can provide the following basics, you are well on the way to creating the… Continue reading

A New Baby

If you have had a family member or close friend just give birth, here are my top 10 tips on hospital visiting.

  1. Most importantly, within a day of giving birth visits should be limited to immediate family only.
  2. Stay no longer than 15 minutes. It’s an exhausting business receiving visitors and dealing with a new born.
  3. Don’t turn up unannounced. Text the father and ask when it might be convenient to visit.
  4. Bring a small gift, not only for the… Continue reading