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Public Transport Tips

It’s Monday morning!

For some, it means the start of another week commuting to work using a public transport system that is invariably overcrowded, under staffed and only running to time if you’re very lucky.

Is it any wonder then that commuters feel frustrated and short-fused before they’ve even stepped foot through the door of their workplace, but it’s so often other people’s bad behaviour that can turn a bad situation into a nightmare.

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Plane Travel Considerations

It was recently announced that Qantas are looking to recruit more cabin crew as international business grows, but more tellingly in my opinion, that there is a general shortage of staff for long-haul flights: one would hope that the reason for this has nothing to do with badly behaved passengers. If you are about to head off on an overseas trip, then here are some tips for ensuring your journey, and that of your fellow passengers, is’ plane’ sailing!

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