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Social Kissing – What a Minefield!

Social kissing! What a minefield! One or two? Which side first?

Is it right to make contact between cheek and lips? Such a simple way of greeting people but one that can so easily leave you slightly embarrassed if you are left ‘stranded’.

Here’s our step-by-step guide.

  1. Approach with confidence and purpose.
  2. As with a handshake, aim for the right cheek first (your left as you look at the person).
  3. Make the contact cheek to cheek only – lips don’t make contact.
  4. No utterances of ‘mwah mwah darling’ unless you are on the Hollywood red carpet!
  5. If you’re going for 2 kisses make it very clear of your intention, but laugh it off if the receiver isn’t prepared and noses bump.
  6. Have fun!


Image by Aman Ravi on Unsplash