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Public Transport Tips

It’s Monday morning!

For some, it means the start of another week commuting to work using a public transport system that is invariably overcrowded, under staffed and only running to time if you’re very lucky.

Is it any wonder then that commuters feel frustrated and short-fused before they’ve even stepped foot through the door of their workplace, but it’s so often other people’s bad behaviour that can turn a bad situation into a nightmare.

Here are our tips on how to make that journey more pleasant for everyone:

  1. Have your travel ticket easily available to speed up the ticket checking process, and ensure that you have touched on/off if you are using myki.
  2. Luggage either needs to be placed on your lap or on the floor, or stowed in the luggage storage space. Using the empty seat next to yours as a spill over for your worldly belongings in the hope that you can ward off a passenger sitting next to you is just not cricket.
  3. Try and refrain from sitting in the seats reserved for the disabled. It may well be the last seat on the train and you may have every intention of giving it up if necessary, but it will irritate some of the other passengers who stood for that very reason.
  4. If you want to read the latest headlines then buy your own newspaper – don’t read over someone’s shoulder. Better still, read the news on your mobile phone – much more practical.
  5. Do, do, do give up your seat if there is someone standing who is less able than you: the elderly, people with very young children and pregnant women.
  6. Ensure the volume of your music is at an appropriate level so that fellow passengers aren’t subjected to a live session of AC/DC on the 6.42 am into Melbourne.
  7. Let passengers off the train/tram before you even begin to think of boarding. Not only will it make some space for you to get on but it is safer too.
  8. Remember that the transport system is not an extension of your bathroom, ladies. Passengers do not want to be subjected to a public viewing of your full make-up session. Get up 15 minutes earlier instead so that it can be done at home.
  9. Remember that it’s one seat for each passenger so make sure you don’t spill over on to your neighbour’s seat. If you really need the seat next to you then perhaps you might consider buying two tickets!
  10. The ‘Quiet Carriage’ really does mean quiet. There are clearly stated instructions as to what is expected. If you can’t abide by those rules, then move to another carriage.

All common sense, we hear you say, but that’s what manners are: it’s about being self-less and not self-ish!