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Private and Small Groups

The Standard Companion offers an extensive range of private and small group coaching tailored to meet the exacting requirements of our clients. We will ensure your coaching needs are met precisely and with the utmost discretion. Some of the more popular topics we can tailor to create your very own Social Etiquette programme include:

Meeting and Greeting

How do I walk into a room full of people I don’t know and strike up a conversation? We’ll cover introductions, small talk, conversation skills, how to leave a conversation graciously and many other social interactions to boost your confidence and put you at ease in any social setting.

Deportment Classes

The way you stand, sit and walk are critical to making a positive impression! We’ll look at how to maximise the use of body language to help you gain confidence in any social setting.

Dining Etiquette Masterclass

Everything from crockery to cutlery, glassware to linens, the place setting, polite table talk, how to negotiate tricky foods and everything you’ll ever need to know (and perhaps were afraid to ask) about the art of the table! This course promises to give you the edge at your next social or business function.

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

This traditionally English custom is just as popular here in Australia, so sit back and enjoy a sumptuous tea whilst you learn about the history and customs of this gracious pastime. Discover how the sandwich came about through a love of gambling and how to stir your tea correctly! These courses are a great way of getting friends or family together, as well as ‘young ladies’ who wish to be introduced to this very genteel tradition.

Ladies’ Lunch Parties

Throw a lunch party for your friends at a venue of choice where you will be guided through the rich tapestry of dining history and how it relates to contemporary lunch etiquette. A very entertaining and informative experience, and something a little different for your next get together!

Etiquette Classes for Entertaining

Have you ever been induced into a mild panic at the very thought of hosting a dinner party? Whether it’s at home or dining out, we will show you how to create the perfect guest list, plan a menu, and ensure that your seating plan will serve the needs of you and your guests.

We’ll give you all the skills to set the tone and guarantee that perfect and successful event.

Dressed for Success

The invitation says ‘formal’ but what does that really mean? We look at deciphering dress codes, personal presentation, dressing appropriately for different settings, grooming for men and women, and wardrobe management, so you never have to say: “I have nothing to wear!”

Weekend Host and Houseguest Etiquette

Are you inviting friends or business colleagues for the weekend and not sure what is expected of you? Well, this course is for you!

As a host, it will provide you with everything you need to know about the expectations and responsibilities surrounding these events to ensure a memorable occasion for all. And as a guest, how to time your arrival perfectly, what might be an appropriate gift for the hostess, what to pack, what to do if you break something, and more!

Family Etiquette

An opportunity to re-establish the social graces, manners and interactions that so often become a casualty of modern day living. We’ll arrange lunch or afternoon tea and a chance to get up to three generations together to spend quality time away from the frenetic pace of modern life.

To find out more about our Private and Small Group Classes contact us today. 

Thank you so much, Ana, for hosting us at one our your Mother & Daughter Afternoon Tea Etiquette Experiences – what an absolute treat it was! We went along expecting to learn about the etiquette of taking Afternoon Tea. In this, of course, we weren’t disappointed. Yet, it was your effortless skill as a host and ability to infuse the afternoon with a wealth of historical knowledge (much of which is quite hilarious!) that elevated the occasion into a memory we definitely won’t forget.

Moira Stupart – VIC


Ana Retallack conducted a 3-day professional etiquette training programme and is an exceptional person with a background in etiquette that few could dream of. Ana brings that background together with the highest levels of knowledge and practice in all areas of etiquette. She is a fantastic teacher and communicator, and a joy to be around. To top it all off Ana was kind enough to share her experience of the Australian market and assist with tips for my business and how to execute them. In my opinion and according to my research of courses of this type, Ana would be amongst the most accomplished etiquette practitioners, not only in Australia, but in the world.

Gerard H – New South Wales


Thank you so, so much for an absolutely wonderful and unique dinner party at my home on Friday night. The experience began with the discovery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers at my doorstep, and then a magical night ensued learning all about table manners and dining etiquette. Your wealth of knowledge, life experiences, and of course, the interesting stories that you shared with us about State Banquets and other Royal events at Buckingham Palace, made for a truly special and memorable evening which I shall never forget. Thank you again for sharing yourself with us!

Mrs W – Highton, Victoria.


Thank you Ana for such a wonderful dinner party experience in our home. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening from start to finish. In particular, working personally alongside you throughout the whole planning process leading up to the event was so special. Your advice and assistance for all logistics including menu, table setting, wine matching, our attire and all the silverware – even down to the salt and pepper!

Your experience and knowledge was fascinating and we feel privileged to have spent the evening with you.

Stephanie B, Victoria