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Plane Travel Considerations

It was recently announced that Qantas are looking to recruit more cabin crew as international business grows, but more tellingly in my opinion, that there is a general shortage of staff for long-haul flights: one would hope that the reason for this has nothing to do with badly behaved passengers. If you are about to head off on an overseas trip, then here are some tips for ensuring your journey, and that of your fellow passengers, is’ plane’ sailing!

  1. To start on the right foot, don’t board the plane with bags and bags of duty free goodies that will require the space of at least 3 overhead lockers; it is not your private plane and there are others to consider.
  2. If you have been considerate enough to bring on just one piece of hand luggage as most airlines require of us, then carry the bag in front of you as you walk down the aisle taking care not to hit anyone with it.
  3. Refrain from testing all the perfumes/after shaves in duty free before boarding the plane: it really is tantamount to air pollution for your fellow passengers.
  4. Be organised and get settled quickly: have all your immediate airplane needs in a zip-lock bag and place them in the seat pocket of the chair in front of you.
  5. Don’t lurch your seat back until after food service. If you do have to sleep immediately, then at least make an effort to consider the passenger behind and with an apologetic smile, drop it back slowly.
  6. If you are unfortunate enough to have an overly chatty neighbour then engage politely for 5 minutes or so at the beginning of the journey but then explain that although you would love to continue chatting you must get on with some work or catch up on the latest 10 episodes of ‘House of Cards’.
  7. When getting up from your seat to visit the loo or just stretch your legs, don’t pull on the back of the chair as if you’re about to catapult the passenger in front: use the arm rests beside you and make a note to self to improve your core muscles when you get home.
  8. Remember your table manners! Travelling at 40,000 feet in a lump of metal does not give you carte blanche to slurp on your wine or eat with your mouth open, no matter how funny the movie.
  9. Travelling with children is hard work, both for the parents and the passengers. A recent global survey cited ‘misbehaved children’ as the third most common complaint during plane travel. Need I say more?!
  10. Finally, being polite to the cabin crew will not only guarantee you a more pleasant journey but will also go some way to helping Qantas employ the extra 100 staff they so desperately need for your next overseas trip.

Safe travels everyone!