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Etiquette for Life – Programmes for Schools and Universities

School Programmes can be designed to meet the requirements of both the private and state education system giving due consideration to time parameters, budget, curriculum model and the needs of the students.

Stride Ahead

This programme for 11-13 year olds is a bespoke course designed for Middle School students with a focus on helping them understand the importance of creating the right first impression as they prepare for their next step into senior school.

The programme will demonstrate the importance of having positive body language, good deportment, as well as supporting the students with other ‘life skills’ such as table manners, communication skills – both written and verbal – which will be developed to provide them with the confidence to be effective public speakers.

The Winning Streak

This programme is aimed at 13-18 year olds. Academic qualifications alone will not guarantee a job or even an interview. Social intelligence will become a pivotal and determining factor in their successful transition from senior school to university or work. Personal presentation, social awareness, manners and presence will ensure the student has the best possible start. A fully tailored programme will include interview skills, body language and deportment, email and social media etiquette, written and verbal communication skills including public speaking and telephone etiquette, personal style and presentation, making confident introductions, dining etiquette and table manners, all of which prepares the students to make that vitally important first impression.

To find out more about our Programmes for Schools contact us today. 

“Thank you, Ana, for two wonderful sessions with the Gr 11/12 and 5/6 students. The classes were both interactive and informative. The students were all so engaged – it’s like they had been waiting for something like this to give them the confidence to step forward in social and public situations. The lessons you gave were invaluable”.

Huda Hayek – Head of Extra Curricular Activities, Al-Taqwa College, Melbourne

“The Year 11/12 presentation was extremely helpful. I was able to learn about the power of body language and how important it is to smile!! It was extremely interesting to learn simple things that could easily tick somebody without your knowledge – and how to avoid them. I’m extremely thankful that I was able to be a part of it”.

Student (Yr 11) – Al-Taqwa College, Melbourne

“Our ‘Poise and Finesse’ programme was an incredibly valuable time spent with an instructor that was kind, helpful and had a myriad of knowledge and life experience. The students felt very comfortable asking Ana questions and learnt so much about how to conduct themselves in both formal and casual environments. Once the girls had completed the training there was such a sense of pride and achievement.

We would definitely invite Ana to attend the College for the camps programme next year and we are also considering hiring her services in the lead up to the Presentation Ball, assisting the students with their dining etiquette.”

Ann Hammond | Senior Secondary Teacher
Flinders Christian Community College, Tyabb

“Ana was a great presenter, very experienced, highly engaging and understands the needs of our students. She asked all the right questions in preparation for the workshop that she conducted at our College. The feedback from our students was overwhelmingly positive.  Ana shared with us her insightful observations and provided these young adults great tips in how to behave and manage themselves in a wide range of social situations.”

Vivian Chan | Careers and Alumni Coordinator
Trinity College | The University of Melbourne


“As a first-year graduate student, networking with confidence and charm doesn’t come very easily. Thankfully, I got much more clarity after Ana’s workshop, with great visual demos and hands-on tips! I enjoyed finding out how to build more awareness before, during, and after a networking event. Thank you very much, Ana. I will definitely watch out for more learning opportunities with you!”

Yisu Wang, IT postgraduate at Monash University

“I have had the honour to attend two of Ana’s workshops, when Trinity College kindly organised them. These experiences were amazing, informative and practical. I am amazed by the depth of Ana’s knowledge on etiquette – the proper way to present humanity. She even kindly shared with us some personal tips when networking with people and is always so patient with my endless questions. I am looking forward to her next visit!”

Pauline Liu
Trinity College

“I truly enjoyed working with Ana. Her business and dining etiquette workshops were very informative and interactive. Through practicing Ana’s thorough advice, I am now more comfortable and confident in attending various social functions.”

Sunny Huang
Trinity College

“As a student, I really benefited from Ana’s dining etiquette workshop! She not only answered my questions about dining etiquette, but also helped me learn skills that I never knew about before. It has improved my confidence in attending formal events and business dinners and I’m sure it will be very helpful for my future career.”

Lily Li
Trinity College