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Etiquette Courses for Children and Young Adults

Our young people deserve the very best start in life. At The Standard Companion, we firmly believe that good manners and social intelligence will take someone far, further even than an expensive education. Communicating effectively and confidently is how the cream rises to the top. We hold a range of workshops to help the child in your life step into the world with grace and authority. Our programmes include:


We introduce the essentials of social etiquette to build strong self-esteem and confidence through our ‘Young Etiquette’ Foundation and Consolidation programmes. From learning how to be a gracious host to writing a ‘thank you’ note after a birthday party. These skills will carry them through their early years of social development. Suitable for Ages 6 and up.

  • Foundation – Ages 6-8: In this course we help children identify appropriate behaviour in various situations, from confidently introducing oneself and other people through to the importance of good dining etiquette. Your child will gain a multitude of fundamental disciplines to help set them up for the years ahead.
  • Consolidation – Ages 9-12: As children become more independent, it is important that they have the necessary skills to act with confidence and grace when you are not present. School performances, play dates, parties and sleepovers: your child will learn how to present him/herself appropriately in any circumstance. Just some of the topics we’ll cover include: how to deal with unfamiliar food, setting and clearing the table, ordering from a menu, how to enter and leave a room gracefully and how to handle a tricky conversation.

“The programme you arranged for my daughter was brilliant. She has gained confidence so early after the session which has further built more confidence. I know she would highly recommend you to the world. Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to cross paths with you in life.  Your work and knowledge is invaluable and refreshing in today’s society”.


“I just wanted to write to thank you so very much for the wonderful etiquette programme you ran for the teenage girls. Not only was it professionally run but the girls had an informative and fun time learning things they know will be useful now and in the future. I will be sure to recommend your programme as it is extremely worthwhile and, I feel, necessary. Thank you.”

– Mrs Cole – GEELONG

Young Adults

It’s not easy growing up! In today’s competitive world, it is crucial for young people to carry themselves with pride and confidence. Our programmes are designed to prepare teenagers for both formal and informal social encounters and help them transition into adulthood gracefully.

  • Poise and Finesse: Etiquette for young ladies.
    More than ever in this egalitarian world, a combination of courtesy and grit is a necessity, not a luxury. It is a truth that if we possess good manners then we are more likely to be liked, and therefore more likely to be successful in this world. This course will guide young ladies through the maze of social introductions, conversational skills, deportment, dining etiquette in the home and in restaurants, how to excel at hosting and being the perfect guest.
  • Boys to Men: Etiquette for teenage boys.
    The teenage years for boys can be difficult enough without feeling awkward or geeky as well. With enormous peer and societal pressure to be ‘cool’, and adding girls to the mix, it’s hard for boys to know if they should be George Clooney or Joel Selwood! This is a critical time to teach confidence skills and social intelligence so that the young man in your life can step out as his authentic self: confident, assured, and comfortable in any social situation.
  • Scholarship Readiness Programmes: Being academic doesn’t always mean having the social confidence to ‘sell yourself”. Many children are quite comfortable when they’re talking about what they know, but not when it comes to talking about themselves. Working one-on-one with your child, we’ll arm them with all they’ll need to approach the scholarship day with grace and purpose. We will work on creating and maintaining the best impression: conversation, deportment, eye contact, positivity and coping with challenges.

“Thank you so much for a valuable and enjoyable day. The girls could not stop speaking about the their Social Skills Course for Teens. You obviously have the ability to generate great credibility among teenagers, always a vital starting point”.

– Mrs Blismas – Ocean Grove


To find out more about our Etiquette Courses for Children and Young Adults contact us today.