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Social Skills and Afternoon Tea Etiquette Class


This fun, interactive and informative 2-hour afternoon tea experience covers the topics of key social skills, deportment and afternoon tea etiquette. The children will be guided by etiquette expert and former serving member of The Queen’s Household at Buckingham Palace, Ana Retallack, to learn about the art of posture, carriage and bearing, as well as those all-important social skills. It is followed with a simple afternoon tea etiquette; a practical and hands-on learning experience to guide the children through some of the history surrounding afternoon tea, the tea itself, how to eat your tea items properly, and other fascinating tidbits of information. This is a social skills experience with a difference and will help increase general social awareness, poise and confidence in boys and girls ages 9-12 years.

Social Party Tricks

How to give a good handshake

Meeting new people and being confident with introductions

Who shall I approach?

What shall we talk about? Small talk topics

Managing nerves

Mixing and mingling

Leaving a good impression


Making a positive first impression

Standing tall and sitting straight with confidence and poise!

Walking with poise (the ‘book on the head routine’)

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Helping someone into their seat

Afternoon tea or high tea? All explained!

How tea is served at Buckingham Palace

Napkin placement – where and when?

Knowing when to start

Milk in first or last?

How to eat your sandwiches and other savouries correctly

Jam or cream first? The social graces of the scone explained
Sweet fancies fit for a king – or queen!

Royal Garden Parties!

Handling your cup & saucer
Stirring tea correctly

Dealing with spills gracefully
Polite tea talk 

Excusing ourselves from the table

What to do when we have finished eating