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About Us

There was a time when good manners were a given, both in the home and in the workplace: the ‘thank you’ note after a dinner party, the polite greeting in the street, a word of gratitude for a kind deed.

In our age of electronic communication, many people enter the working world today without appropriate social skills or knowledge of simple business etiquette.

The Standard Companion offers a variety of courses that can be tailored to individual requirements. From dress codes to dining, interviews to deal making, tea with the ladies to arming young people with critical life skills. 

We offer programmes for everyone, from children to chief executives!



Ana Retallack – Director and Founder

Formerly serving in the Royal Household of Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace, as well as holding other high profile positions involving protocol and etiquette, Director and Founder Ana Retallack brings a unique understanding of how traditional etiquette translates to the modern world.

At the very forefront of planning and executing major Royal events during her time at Buckingham Palace, Ana also held a military career spanning 12 years in the British Royal Navy, as well as senior positions in the corporate world.

She is uniquely positioned to offer a professional, authoritative and comprehensive etiquette training service. Ana’s warm personality and sense of humour ensures that all clients feel at ease while they learn the ins and outs of etiquette in any given situation.


“Each and every one of us – children, adults, business executives alike – are operating on a global stage. The art of charm, poise and natural consideration for others is the key to the pursuit of excellence. Proper dress and manners are as vital as a typo-free resumé. A positive first impression at a school interview will give the candidate an advantage. A lunch meeting could be decisive in determining the future of a relationship in a social or business situation. In short, gaining the social skills and confidence – the social intelligence – in the modern world is of equal, if not greater, value to a good education”