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A New Baby

If you have had a family member or close friend just give birth, here are my top 10 tips on hospital visiting.

  1. Most importantly, within a day of giving birth visits should be limited to immediate family only.
  2. Stay no longer than 15 minutes. It’s an exhausting business receiving visitors and dealing with a new born.
  3. Don’t turn up unannounced. Text the father and ask when it might be convenient to visit.
  4. Bring a small gift, not only for the new baby but for the sibling/s too who might be feeling a little left out with all the excitement of the new arrival.
  5. Never presume that you can touch or hold the precious bundle without asking first.
  6. Don’t visit if you are unwell, have a cold or have recently returned from an overseas visit. The parents will not thank you for spreading germs!
  7. If you really must take a photo, never presume that it can be shared on social media. Ask both parents first.
  8. Never use the visit as a way of promoting your suitability as a godparent!
  9. It’s only polite to step out of the room if the medical staff need to do their checks on the mother or baby.
  10. Organise with the father when you can deliver a home-cooked meal for the family when they finally return home. They will be eternally grateful for your continued support after the excitement has died down.