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The Standard Companion

Good manners are the fastest way to open doors and make things happen.
But today, they are rarely taught or even emphasised.
Where does one go to learn what’s what and what’s not?

Welcome to The Standard Companion. We are here to guide you through the minefield of social etiquette, modern manners and business protocol. From how to be the perfect host or houseguest, to nailing a business transaction, we offer a range of courses in Geelong, Melbourne and interstate, as well as personally tailored options to help you navigate the most testing social challenges:

  • How can I create the best first impression and land that job?
  • Which knife and fork goes with which course?
  • How do I start a conversation?
  • What should I take to a dinner party?
  • Will my child ever say please and thank you without being prompted?

The Standard Companion is your passport to social and business success!