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Teenage Confidence and Social Skills Class | 10th July 2019

This course focuses on empowering teenagers (aged 13-15) by arming them with the necessary skills to develop a positive social awareness that will contribute to making a lasting impression. Communicating effectively and confidently will be the key to setting themselves apart when it comes to a job or scholarship interview. This workshop will aim to guide the students to feeling self-assured and confident through improved social etiquette and interpersonal skills, and in the process prepare them for both formal and informal social encounters and help them transition into adulthood gracefully.

Topics include:

  • Meeting New People
  • Conversation Topics
  • Social Tips and Tricks
  • Managing Nerves
  • Meaningful Mindfulness
  • Posture for Confidence 
  • Building a Positive Narrative
  • Modern Table Manners
  • Mobile Phone
  • Etiquette, and more…

Wednesday 10th July 2019, 10am – 2pm

Sacred Heart College, Retreat Road, Newtown

Price includes full tuition, light refreshments and a 2-course lunch, together with a parent’s handout note and
a Certificate of Completion for each student to add to their resumé portfolio.


Download the workshop details as a PDF Flyer >>