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Awareness for Life – DATES TBC

A Social Skills Programme for Teens

Geelong | DATES TBC

This course focuses on helping students (aged 13-15) gain skills to develop a positive self-awareness that will contribute to making a lasting impression. Etiquette expert and founder of ‘The Standard Companion’, Ana Retallack, will guide the students to building strong self-esteem through improved social skills, body language, good posture, and mindfulness. As well as learning the value of positive body language, self-respect and respecting others, they will also gain invaluable strategies for managing nerves.

The course also encompasses a ‘Self-Awareness’ module written by Kate Meadows of ‘Be More Mindful’ and presented by Denise Collinson who is an experienced and highly regarded social worker with many years of working with young people. Denise will help the students build on the importance of self-care and emotional awareness, and understanding how they impact on the overall health and wellbeing of an individual.

Finally, the importance of table manners in the modern world, as well as the mental and physical benefits of healthy eating, is covered during this session, giving the students an opportunity to put newly acquired dining skills into practice over a healthy, light and nutritious 2-course lunch!

This course is ideal for those wishing to increase their general social and self-awareness in order to behave and manage themselves in a wide range of situations.

First Impressions Count

The importance of a good handshake

Meeting new people and making confident introductions

Small talk, ‘big’ talk & topics to avoid

What to do when you don’t catch their name

Party tricks and tips!

Mobile phone manners and more…

Body Language and Posture

How to present ourselves positively

Recognising positive and negative body language signs

Don’t cross your arms and other body language pitfalls

Standing tall and sitting straight

Walking well to instill self-confidence


How your state of mind affects your overall wellbeing

Common feelings and emotions for teens

Mindfulness and lifestyle changes

Support options

Modern Table Manners

Navigating a place setting

Which bread plate is mine? Which glass do I use?

Napkin etiquette

Dos and don’ts in a dining environment

Your duties as a host – and a guest!

Knowing when to start

How not to ‘HKLP’! Holding cutlery correctly

Polite table talk

Passing and offering food

How to deal discretely with food you don’t like – and offend no one!

What to do when we have finished eating


Further information

Venue:           Sacred Heart College, Retreat Road, Newtown VIC 3220

Time:              10.00am – 2.30pm projected finish

Price:             $160 per person


Price includes full tuition, light refreshments, a 2-course lunch, together with notes provided shortly after completion of the course, and a Certificate of Completion.

Please Note: The Standard Companion reserves the right to change modules. Students will be informed where possible about major changes.