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The ultimate Mothers’ Day breakfast – fit for a Queen!

Although my time working at Buckingham Palace didn’t require me to do anything remotely like serving breakfast in bed to The Queen, it did give me the opportunity to observe correctly set trays being carried by the footmen as they scurried past my office to get from one side of the palace to the other.

We might not have quite the ‘Royal’ touch as we conjure up ways to treat our Mums on Mothers’ Day, but there’s no reason not… Continue reading

How to be the perfect dinner guest – and be guaranteed a repeat invitation!

Have you ever been told ‘don’t bring a thing!’ when you have been invited to a dinner party and then spend the week wracking your brains as to what exactly you can bring? Or perhaps the invitation states ‘7.30pm for 8pm’ and you’re not really sure what time you should arrive? Well, worry not! Help is at hand with this step-by-step guide to being the perfect dinner guest.

Accepting the invitation: First things first: it is the guest’s duty to… Continue reading